Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 USB connect problem

After latest firmware update update I was facing problem with connecting my Galasy S2 with PC/Kies using USB. Windows was unable to find required drivers when connected. I have tried all possible ways but unable to resolve driver missing error.

After lot of googling I have found out the main cause , phone USB connection mode was wrong. Followed the steps below and suddenly everything start working

1. Either install latest Kies OR just install compatible USB drivers
2. Before connecting the phone, open the keypad and dial *#7284#
you will see a menu for UART and USB.

3. Under USB, select PDA. If PDA is already selected, select MODEM and then back to PDA
4. Don't worry about USB debugging or anything, just connect your phone to the PC
Everything will work as it is intended to whether you use Kies, no Kies or just Mass storage


  1. Thanks to http://www.galaxys2forums.com/samsung-galaxy2-tutorials/cannot-connect-to-windows7-64-bit-no-matter-what/30/

  2. Hi Yogesh Devatraj,
    i followed the steps that u have advised me..
    I have resolved this problem with the piece of info u shared with me.
    tanx a lot :)

  3. Hi Yogesh sir...
    A big big thanks to you for helping me out with your Blog,
    i was fed up of this problem since i updated with latest firmware...
    A big big thank you ,
    -a Galaxy-S2 user

  4. Hi Yogesh,
    Thank you very much.... It works :)

  5. thanx yogesh..
    i've been searching for this thing since months ago..
    thanx a lot!!!
    u r a such a big help to me!!

  6. hi..i tried but still i am having problem..phone doesn't recognize USB.

  7. I followed the steps and the same thing keeps happening. My pc says a camera is connected (even though its on as MTP) and it wont even let me see my pictures. HELP

  8. worked. Thanks!! :)

    However< i have no wiped my phone and installed AOKP Jelly BEan build 4 and now I have lost my USB tethering... When I use the code nothing happens except for erros.

    ""Connection problem or invalid MMI code"" Any help would be much appreciated